MEDITECH AVP Tackles 4 Ways EHR Vendors Can Deliver True Interoperability

MEDITECH AVP Larry O’Toole explains the four key ways that technology vendors can do more to help advance the interoperability movement.

BOSTON February 28, 2018 | As many providers are using multiple IT systems to serve their patients, EHR vendors have an increasing responsibility to ensure that their products deliver on true interoperability. So says MEDITECH AVP Larry O’Toole, in his blog recently posted in Health Management Technology.

“True interoperability—which is cross-system, cross-platform, and real-time data exchange using standards—is so important,” he stresses. “It shouldn’t be a burden; it should be a support mechanism adopted by default. These capabilities should be embedded into and augment EHR workflows, without taking away a provider’s productivity and time with the patient.”

O’Toole adds that although the U.S. healthcare system has already laid the foundation of a truly interoperable network, there are four key ways that technology vendors can do more to help advance this movement. Want to learn more? Read his blog, visit MEDITECH’s website to find out how we connect providers across the continuum of care, and watch our video on Building Clinically-Integrated Networks Through Interoperability.

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